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Content management system, web portal for PHP

phpBB-nuke is another content management system based on PHP-Nuke and phpBB bulletin board. It has a user-friendly interface changable by themes and advanced administration.

Why another derivation of PHP-Nuke? When i searched for some PHP based content management system, there was a simple solution - PHP-Nuke. It looked nice at first sight, but using it was a nightmare and - it was full of bugs and security holes. I spend many hours fixing it. Another very (if i say very, i mean VERY) bad thing - the integration of phpbb forum. Better say - no integration, phpbb is very good bulletin board, but authors of PHP-Nuke just took the source codes and swat it to the PHP-Nuke. The user login was held twice and also page generation was double - yes, if you look at the page source of, there was two html headers inside. Try to past it to any HTML validator. Next reason - slow, slow, slow page generation. Many SQL statements were called twice or more, the author didn't used union statements. For example news generation begins with SQL statement for select news, then every item was checked separately for author and other related informations. Page generation of home page needs more then 100 SQL statements, sometimes 200! Last, but not least - PHP-Nuke has some add-ons for enhanced security. This is good, but it slows down the already so slow system. But the solution for security is different - no security holes. You know, every software has security holes, but the less the better. This is why i ended with rewritten of the system background.

So - why phpBB-nuke?

  • faster page generation, many SQL optimizations
  • login and registration based on phpbb (not duplicated)
  • 100% phpbb forum integration
  • phpbb templates integrated to themes
  • private messages, members list and who is online separated from phpbb and integrated as separate modules
  • new search system
  • new administration, better integration, more space for modules
  • can define different access to administration of modules for users and groups
  • user IP 's saved, ban system from phpbb
  • many MODs in forum - moderator actions log, backup of deleted messages, attachments, prevent broken layout, merge topics, post alerts
  • users and posts ratings
  • statistics for sessions and page views
  • clients banner system
  • cleanup of database - deleting orphaned posts, polls, statistics etc. (errors by uncompleted connections)
  • advanced database backup
  • and more...

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