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Calculator Plus

Why to use standard Windows calculator, if there is a free scientific alternative with graphic support. Best choise for programmers and developers.

Basic style

Cool skin

Current features:

  • Skins - the look and size can be changed with skins Want more skins?
  • Functions - supports many functions including sinh, cosh, arcsinh, arccosh, secans, cosecans, factorial and more ...
  • Presets - save actual work to presets for later use
  • Input - input is done as on paper, write the formula to edit box and press enter
  • Format - input numbers and result can be shown in hexadecimal, octal, binary or decimal format, engineering symbols
  • Precedence - unlimited number of nested functions and precedences
  • Variables - variable with any name should be used, up to 255 variables
  • Graphs - draw graph of functions
  • Skins - skins with ability to add variables and presets to make "special purpose" calculator (for example bitrate calculator included in installation)


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