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Advanced player with many additional features.

APL2000 is advanced player with many additional features. It is freeware and is designed to be player for ATV2000 video capturing utility.


  • Player - manual graph building, which is faster. Also it includes own statistics filter for bitrate statistics and video frame grabber for grabbing snapshots (press S key). Video containers and decoders are defined in separate files, so can be easly updated to new formats
  • Teletext - can play matroska files with captured raw VBI data from ATV2000 and decode teletext, so you don't lose any information from TV recording
  • Skins - APL2000 support skins, if you are interested in creating one, it is VERY simple, just go to your paint program (paint shop pro etc.) and use SkinEdit
  • Language support - choose your favorite language, you can simply create your own by translating English.lng in Language directory
  • OSD Menu - is duplication of the main menu useful if you control program via remote (press M key)
  • Playback to DV device - play your movies on your TV with DV device, support for cameras and OHCI DV devices
  • File statistics - need to view bitrate statistics of your encoded file? Open it for statistics and view graph of frame sizes
  • File information - view information of files - video size, framerate, compression, audio compression, ...
  • Multiple titles - play multiple titles and files
  • Audio tracks - switch between audio tracks included in file or assign external audio tracks from mp3, ac3, ogg, wma, ...
  • Subtitles - display external subtitles on your monitor, adjust framerate and offset for bad synchronized subtitles
  • Video and audio filters - can add video filters for picture adjustment, deinterlace and more, compatible with ATV2000 filters

Please take a look at the screenshot:


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