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Remote control and sheduler with HTTP access with any web browser.

ARC2000 is Advanced Remote Controller with Sheduler and HTTP Server for your PC. It is configurable with plugins and remote modules.

See the main fatures:

  • Small interface - it is very small, can be hided to system tray as icon. On the screen it displays time and date and plugin information with four buttons.
  • Skins - the look can be configured with skins
  • Multilingual - the language environment can be selected, supported languages are now Czech and English
  • Plugins - the functionality can be extended with plugins - included are Stopwatch, Timer, Audio Player and CD Player Want more plugins?
  • Remotes - remote controllers are selected as plugin modules, so in future will come support for more remote controllers. Also support for hardware plugins from Girder is added. Want more remotes?
  • Remote commands - each remote key has assigned command, which is independent on remote controller type. Get more?
  • Sheduler - in conjuction with AFM2000 version 1.51 and ATV2000 and above you can shedule recording and listening to your favorite radio and TV stations. But that's not all - computer can automaticle wake up on selected time and after recording shutdown again ... ( thx to Alexey Zamyatin, author of ByAlarm utility). Also there is implemented HTTP server in sheduler, so you can access to it via internet with every browser.

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