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FM radio software

AFM2000 is application for different FM cards or TV cards with FM radio support.

The functionality includes:

  • Tuning of FM frequency range
  • Volume correction for every station independend
  • Mono/stereo support
  • Recording with realtime compression (tested PCM, MS ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, CCITT, GSM 6.10, WMA V2, Fraunhoffer MP3 only on Win2k/NT due to bug in Win 9x or codec)
  • The look of application can be changed with skins - click here for more
  • Languages support - currently Czech, Deutsch, English, Magyar, Portuguese, Romana, Turkish (if not your lang. in, translate English.lng file and send it to me)
  • FM cards support can be extended with plugins - whats new - the plugins for AFM2000 and Radiator are now compatible! Thx to Miroslav Flesko ...
  • Sheduler is part of ARC2000 !

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