APL2000 released

May be you ask, why the updates takes so long. The main reason is incoming in our family - my daughter Alice. Second reason is my switch to Linux as my first OS, which took a lot of time. And last but not least is it my work.

But the development was not stopped. As the analog TV will be switched off in 1-2 years, i experiment with new version of ATV, but for DVB-T reception. Sure it will be free and it will have some uncommon features like ATV2000. It you want i speed up my work, please donate ;)

OK, here is another update - for APL2000. The main change is adding of video analysis. With this i have done some video codec tests (you can see it here). So what's new:
- replaced video statistics to video analyze - bitrate, histogram and DCT coefficients
- fixed crash on video statistics (now analyze)
- can save obtained data to text file
- disabling preview in analyze will discard video decompressor, so bitrate statistics is very fast
- enabled video bitrate on windows media video - it seems to work, previously it doesn't due to bug (?) in MS's filters
- can save results of analysis
- can process more files for analysis at once
- added support for Nero Digital format and AviSynth source
- added support for VP7 codec

Download it here.

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Date: Wed 12.Mar.2008, 6:14
Topic: Software

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